RoSoc – Romanian Student Society, Liverpool

421465_217245368415709_1966646145_nI decided to lead the initiative to fund RoSoc, the Romanian Student Society in Liverpool. There aren’t many of us, just over 40, but having a platform that aides to promote our culture, people, and language, is hugely important. As young expats accommodating into a new environment, we sometimes benefit from finding people of similar cultural backgrounds that could help us better deal with some of the effects of the cultural shock. Moreover, once we do settle in, having representation and a platform that allows us to promote our culture could benefit both us and other Romanians.

Romanians have been the target of bad and unfair media and one could wonder if it could be partially driven by a misunderstanding of our roots and culture. We hope that RoSoc will contribute to creating a familiarity with Romania and how we see it – as an beautiful country with a rich culture that produces incredibly talented people that, wherever they are, make a positive and lasting contribution to society.

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