Volunteering with HPBC

10264922_740073326032422_6299073686703789432_nI’ve been volunteering regularly with Housing People Building Communities for the past few months helping on site with their new row of houses.

Housing People, Building Communities is an award winning, not-for-profit charitable organisation that is changing people’s lives as well as helping to address the UK’s housing crisis. Their mission is to improve the supply of affordable new homes and to create socially inclusive and cohesive communities, while empowering those with a housing need to help themselves. The Granby-Toxteth site has been growing steadily in the past year. My friends and I helped with almost everything around the site, including painting, roofing, stud making, installing insulation, putting up weatherboards,putting up fences, and planting.

It’s an interesting scheme that relies on volunteers to actually get the work done. The focus is on helping those who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford to own a home of their own. Owners must live or work in the city or have strong family connections to Liverpool, as well as be willing to give 500 hours of their time towards creating this unique community. They would eventually own 50% of shares corresponding to the value of their house and Sanctuary Group will own any residual equity in the homes and provide housing management services, for which home owners pay rent.

The growing community is welcoming and dynamic and grateful to all volunteers that can spare a few hours towards this noble cause. It’s a great way for Architecture + Construction students to get on-site experience, so please do get in touch if you want to help!

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