DS11 Research trip – Budapest

7.jpgWe went to Budapest for our research trip and site visits. For me, it felt a bit like being back home in Sibiu with many of the architectural elements feeling familiar, if not common. It was interesting to see how the others reacted to the things I now take for granted; for example, I never thought about the prevalence of overhangs in Eastern Europe vernacular architecture or the typical classicist buildings. We visited as much as Budapest as we could, touristic or not. I ventured by myself intoNorth Budapest for my site visit and as a general interest into Obudai.

My site, the East half of Obudai island, turns out to be regarded as private, although there is no industrial or commercial activity being conducted on the island. I persisted in my determination to visit it and the guards were eventually swayed by my eagerness and the few euro notes I offered.  The former industrial site was fascinating in its architecture. Some of the factories were church-like in appearance, some were inspired by classicist architecture, but some were purely decorated warehouses. A large canopy covered the slither of water that divides the island. The Danube was frozen.

I loved the ice – I’m already thinking of how to include it in my project ! Enjoy the photos

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