Alan Berman to give a guest lecture at University of Westminster’s Department of Architecture

Poster Stirling Lecture.jpg

It’s been a few months now that I’ve been involved in the Westminster Architecture Society.

Getting a sense of belonging when you start a new course at a new university could take time. Being active in WAS has helped. After all, when championing a cause you inadvertently believe in it (or so it’s preferred). This month we managed to organise the last guest lecture of the term.

“James Stirling: Inspiring Places and Spaces” will complement the month-long events held by the RIBA to honour Stirling’s contribution to modern architecture in anticipation of the eponymous annual Stirling Prize. Join us for what promises to be an insightful talk on 3rd April, at 1pm, in the Robin Evans room (M416). Lunch provided!

Our speaker, Alan Berman, founded  Berman Guedes Stretton Architects in 1984 and remained  hands on at all times, producing designs that won many awards. He set up  in practice after studying at Cambridge and the Bartlett.  Berman Guedes Stretton Architects  is a fantastic practice with offices in London and Oxford that champions diligently crafted design and a sympathetic treatment of historic context.

Alan is  a keen commentator on architecture and a published author. He gives the Architecture and Society lecture series at Wolfson College, University of Oxford, is a lecturer at University of Liverpool, and runs a course on modernist architecture at the Stanford University campus in Oxford. He has expressed strong views about the profession in a number of journals, conceived and edited Jim Stirling and the Red Trilogy: Three Radical Buildings and Stirling and Wilford American Buildings, and is a leading author on Stirling’s work.

Alan was also my tutor and one of the lecturers at University of Liverpool. He is still one of the most helpful educators I have come across in my 4 years (so far) of architectural education, so I highly recommend you drop by the department. Some socialising after, so stick around if you have the time.

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