A week to go until the launch of the ABS art show

Almost there

Nouha and I have been volunteering with ABS this year. One of the projects we’ve been helping on is the art show that launches 7th June at Brady Mallalieu Architects.

I have just submitted my design project and, of course, it was a stressful and sleep deprived couple of weeks prior to the big deadline. Since I decided to work from home this year (big mistake – I’ll stick to studio next year) I might have even scared my housemates with my ghost-like appearance, seemingly always awake and always in a rush. Might be that everyone is pleased the deadline passed.

I’ve been looking forward to working full time on this wonderful initiative ABS put together. It’s not the first show I curate, but it’s definately the one I invested the most passion in. The Architects Benevolent Society is a wonderful charity that helps architects (and other related disciplines + their families) when in need. It’s been around since 1850, nearly as long as the RIBA,  and since they’ve done an incredible amount of good – it helps make the world a better place. We have launched a call for contributions to the beneficiaries and they rewarded us with a plethora of stories, memories, and pieces of art. The stories themselves are quite remarkable: they are examples of perseverance, endurance, and wit. I read about how Cedrice Price and John Rae used to work at Maxwell Fry’s and Jane Drew’s office together and joke around, how Walter’s Way came to life and students visited, how the SPAN system became so famous that their visitor’s book (which I actually have on my desk now!) is full of signatures from around the world. I also read how these remarkable architects overcame misfortune and illness and persevered in their practice and passion for architecture.

We also launched a call for contributions to our networks. Angela Brady, our host, former RIBA president and current ABS president, has been a tremendously effective champion for our cause – her help was truly invaluable. The architecture community has responded with enthusiasm and we now have over 40 pieces to be exhibited and auctioned. Some of my friends are also amongst the contributors: Sam Lyons with a quirky all red statement, Ruby Sleigh with a delicate drawing, Anthony Grieveson with an intriguing collage. Liverpool School of Architecture was well represented.

Very much looking forward to see everything come together soon! Stay tuned!

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