My contribution to the ABS art show – London Festival of Architecture


As you know, I’ve been helping curate the Architects Benevolent Society art show, a partner event at the London Festival of Architecture, launching on 7th June at Brady Mallalieu Architects.

I’m contributing with 2 pieces, which will hopefully help raise some founds for this wonderful charity!

1. DO YOU STILL LOVE IT, IN COLOUR? – gouache paint on paper

The Trellick Tower is an integral part of my frequent journey to Oxford and back. I was surprised that the estate, possibly the pinnacle of brutalism in Britain, was so close to the lines and frankly I was surprised by its appearance: rougher than I thought and the messy rail backdrop seemed to accentuate that. I always appreciated it from curated photos, often grayscale and artistic. Seeing it in colour, in real life, made me reconsider why I liked the building. I gradually associated new meaning to it and now it’s a highlight of my hour-long journey back to London.

29- Crista Popescu- Do you still love it, in colour-- gouache paint on paper

2. LET US TAKE YOU BY THE HAND… – pen on paper

The official logo for this art exhibition and auction. It was inspired by the lovely stories the beneficiaries of ABS shared with us and, in fact, I drew it whilst listening to some of the letters we received being read out loud. They recall emotional memories of London and life. The hand brings them together metaphorically. The sinuous path of the hand follows the flow of the Thames on the map, as it’s the most recognisable aspect of London.

Crista logo.jpg

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