Launch of the ABS art show!

ABS exhibition June 2017

Visit the exhibition Monday to Friday, 1pm-6pm, at Brady Mallalieu Architects, until 30th of June.

It’s here! Nouha and I have been tireless and, along with the WONDERFUL team at ABS, and with the invaluable help of Angela Brady and the rest of Brady Mallalieu Architects, we managed to put up an entertaining and insightful exhibition.

Late emails, early mornings, some rushing, but Katie, Reema, and Mark were there all the way and it was a pleasure to work alongside them.

The exhibition features a range of images created by people closely connected with our charity, using a variety of media and depicting significant personal memories of buildings or views in London. These images capture the diversity of architecture in London. Every piece comes with a short story written by the author, a memory of London or life, that makes the entire experience of the exhibition special.

We were delighted to welcome Rowan Moore, architecture critic for the Observer and author of Slow Burn City, to open our exhibition.​​

The team and I would like to thank all the contributors. Your enthusiasm and eager responses have moved us and we are truly grateful to each and every one:

The charity is immensely grateful to all contributors:

Angela Brady OBE (Brady Mallalieu Architects) Jane Duncan (RIBA)
John Rae (author, architect, artist Sir Andrew Derbyshire (renowned architect; drawing and memory provided by his son, Ben Derbyshire)
Chris Wilkinson (WilkinsonEyre) Sam Lyons (Marks Barfield and theUngaPatch)
Cristophe Egret (Studio Egret West) Hugh Woodeson (
Elsie Owusu OBE (Elsie Owusu Architects) David Rock (RIBA, University of Warwick)
Pol Gallagher (ZAP Arhitecture) Norman Franklin (Norman Franklin Architects)
Andrew Carr (Brady Mallalieu Architects) Peter Murray (New London Architecture, London Society)
Daniel Teafoe John Burrell (Burrell Foley Fischer Architects)
Mike Stiff (Stiff+Trevillion Architects) Ruby Sleigh (Architype)
Wayne Head (Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture) Jonathan Meads (public figure)
Dr Roudaina Al Khani (Platforms for Sustainable Cities and Regions) Peter Williams (Brady Mallalieu Architects)
Dimah Hansen (Platforms for Sustainable Cities and Regions) Anthony Grieveson (Ian Ritchie Architects)
Crista Popescu (University of Westminster) Eva Jiricna (Eva Jiricna Architects)
Tom Randle (Levitt Bernstein) Neil Young (Lyall Bills & Young Architects)
Robin Mallalieu (Brady Mallalieu Architects) John Lyall (Lyall Bills & Young Architects)
Yvonne Farrell (Grafton Architects) Birkin Haward (artist, architect; van Heyningen and Haward Architects)
Sara Thomas (Brady Mallalieu Architects) Holly Porter (Surface to Air Architects)

Some photos from the launch event (courtesy of the Architects Benevolent Society):

More photos here.

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