Interview with Open Studio Westminster

one of the rooms

Very excited to have been interviewed by Open Studio about the recent experience of curating the Architects Benevolent Society art show as part of the London Festival of Architecture!

Nouha and I had a great time putting it together and we hope that it will help keep their activity going so they can help architects and their families, when in need. I heard so many touching stories since I’ve been involved and for me there’s no doubt that their work is worth supporting.

OSW: Hi Crista and Nouha! Could you tell us a bit more about how you got involved in this project?

Crista: Two years ago, in my final year of bachelor’s degree, I saw an AJ article about the Architects Benevolent Society and their call for volunteers. At the time, it was a casual conversation between a few of us in the studio that if we move to London we should help. When I eventually did move, I contacted ABS and went to meet them. They’re lovely people, a pleasure to work with, and the work they do is admirable! Nouha joined me not long after and we’re hoping we could make more students aware of their existence. They’ve been around since 1850 and they exist to help architects and their families, so for us it is a worthy cause to support.

Read the full interview here.

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