For my (hopefully) final year of MArch I joined DS23, a newly established design studio that will look into the future of factories as part of (or not) cities. 

Initially, by taking inspiration from the twentieth century avant-garde’s preoccupation with the machine, we will examine the creative opportunities presented by digital fabrication. Closely examining existing products, designing and making prototypes, and exploring the opportunities made possible by digital fabrication. This work will hinge on the parallels to be drawn between factory production and building construction.

This initial study will progress into an inquiry of the future of factories. As factories become increasingly automated with an aim to become autonomous, their main reason for being close to communities (offering employment) becomes redundant. How does this impact on the industrial settlements of the future?  We will be working with industry specialists and a large multi-national manufacturing company.

Stay tuned!


Image credit: Foxconn &StarTech News

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