Cerámica exhibition – remember my performative ceramics project? It’s now being shown

20130719_100350_HDR - Version 2 - 2013-07-19 at 10-03-49
3D printed model

I just found out that the joint project I did with Anthony a while back is not being shown as part of the Ceramica exhibition at the RIBA North.  Do go visit ! 


“In this exhibition we see how traditional ceramic techniques and digital engineering processes can be used together to produce more meaningful and sustainable architectural elements. The full-scale ceramic prototypes on display offer a viable alternative to global manufacturing and distribution, combining digital processes to maximise energy efficiency with local materials and manufacturing. The combination of the material sustainability of ceramics, digitally optimized design of components, and the appropriation of vernacular language and embodied cultural identity, transforms the preliminary engineered product into a more socially, ethically and environmentally sustainable building component.”

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