Kuma in Action: Architectural Robotics Theater


Kuma in action. Turns out, it’s a very slow process (cutting blue foam with a hot knife) so I had to speed up the video. Apart from being slow, we managed to optimize the speed of the robot according to the amplitude of the cones and they seem to be cutting nicely now. Here is the end result of the short video: 


The panel creates some interesting patterns of light and, in my opinion, looks quite good. It tested the amplitude parameter, so this time we don’t wary the depth, tilt, rotation, or number of points. As mentioned before, we only feed the robot data (points and values, if you wish), not actual end geometry, so the manufacturing process could yield unexpected results.

Another parameter tested was tilt and rotation:

tilt and rotation

Depth (reach) of the tool centre point – now set to be at the end of the hot knife (this one was tricky to adjust):

depth tcp

Finally, number of points that define the movement:

number of points

It was a interesting way to learn how to operate these machines. Their potential is enormous, it just needs patience and optimising before starting the manufacturing process.

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