MegaCrit and MegaParty at Westminster – projects from Westminster, RCA, AA, CASS, Bartlett

megaposter.jpgMy brainchild from last summer developed into this massive event now taking place on the 29th of March. Originally supposed to be a inter-school party, it now will be the largest joint crit between the London schools to date and the largest inter-school party! Over 500 people expected!


Huge credit to the team of people who helped and have been active in the Westminster Architecture Society.  I’m lucky they shared my enthusiasm for the cause. Duncan has been amazing at making this the “go to” party for architects and taking the lead for this event through the year and Zahra and Elham have been tirelessly working towards making this event the most successful one in the history of the society.  We also had a lot of people join through the year who have been helping too and I appreciate their help greatly: Inna, Khuzaymah, Ben, Handan, Jude, Sabrah.  WHAT.A.TEAM!

Here’s all you need to know about the day:

The University of Westminster and Westminster Architecture Society, in collaboration with the Architecture Foundation, invites all architecture students and recent graduates to the largest ever MegaCrit and first inter-uni MegaParty!

MEGACRIT 10am-5pm

Following the theme of Future Housing Systems, students will present throughout the day exchanging ideas and discussion with guest critics and visiting tutors from around the capital. Students from the following universities will be presenting on the day:


After presenting, students will exhibit their work around the space creating an inter-uni architectural exhibition of work for all to view! All students from any university and recent graduates are invited to come and watch the crits throughout the day, please sign up for a FREE ticket through eventbrite to confirm your attendance.

MEGAPARTY 6pm-10:30pm

All students from any university and recent graduates are invited to celebrate at the MegaParty. Come along for a night of great music, student deals on drinks, explore the exhibition of work from the day and meet fellow architecture students from other universities! Please sign up for a FREE ticket via eventbrite to guarantee entry.

AFTERPARTY 10:30pm – Late

Free entry. Location to be confirmed.


10:00 MegaCrit Morning Session

13:00 Lunch

14:00 MegaCrit Afternoon Session

17:00 Closing speeches and summary of the day

18:00 MegaParty starts

22:30 Afterparty

Thanks to Personal Printers for sponsoring this event!
Personal Printers provide hassle free on demand printing delivered to all London unis!

Additional Information

To access P3 please enter through Westminster University main entrance reception on Marylebone Road.Please register for the MegaCrit and MegaParty through Eventbrite.We may contact you following the event to invite you to other similar inter-uni events run by the Westmisnter Architecture Society.

Please bring your student or alumni ID for entry.

By signing up you agree to receive emails regarding the MegaCrit and MegaParty and other events of relevance to the wider architecture student community

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