Handbook, part 4: Mass customisation of glass building components

I've been looking at how glass is made, either traditionally or in large scale factories. I do like the idea of craft being supported or enhanced by technology (mainly robots), much in the way I've been using the robot arm for fabrication.  It's rather obvious that moulds are an essential part of both manual glass... Continue Reading →

Kuma in Action: Architectural Robotics Theater

  Kuma in action. Turns out, it's a very slow process (cutting blue foam with a hot knife) so I had to speed up the video. Apart from being slow, we managed to optimize the speed of the robot according to the amplitude of the cones and they seem to be cutting nicely now. Here... Continue Reading →

Handbook, part 3: mass customisation

Moving on from my previous posts on leaded glass and Ben&Jerry,  I have been trying to recreate some of the products.  I had in mind experimenting with some of the qualities and engage with some of the manufacturing techniques (folding, extruding, and casting). Mass customization could be achieved by using molds (CNCed, 3dprinted, etc) that... Continue Reading →

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