Derelict architecture – ad hoc homeless shelters are unsafe and allow organised crime to thrive

The buildings that are now derelict or too damaged to be viable housing options have been taken over by homeless people. Although at first glance it seems like a better alternative than no place to live at all, these places became hot spots for gang activity that take advantage of the most vulnerable amongst us.... Continue Reading →

Trying to establish the value of grade 1 seismic buildings in Bucharest – step by step

Although the issue of buildings with seismic risk often appears in structural engineering literature and catches occasional public interest in media, noticeably absent are studies that establish their architectural, social, and economic value. As a result, I was obliged to draw on literature peripheral to the focus of the thesis and other investigative methods to... Continue Reading →

Heritage Legislation in Romania

The process of recognising architectural heritage or value is prescribed by detailed legislation.[1] In an interview with Stefania Romascanu, adviser at the Sibiu Department for the  Protection of Culture and Heritage, she described the consultation process as lengthy, often lasting years. If a request is received for a building to be granted the status of... Continue Reading →

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