Why we should have more Megacrits – keep an eye out for Westminster Megacrit 2019

We are extremely pleased with the attention and feedback we got for the Megacrit. Really, really great! A lot of people said we should have another one next year as well, which I think we should. We had the generous support of the Architecture Foundation, who set up the concept. However, this was the last... Continue Reading →

MegaCrit success! Photos

I'm extremely happy the MegaCrit went well! It was so great to see projects from the RCA, CASS, Bartlett, and AA. Thank you to all the students who presented yesterday, to the critics who came to see us, to our generous sponsors, and to the volunteers that made this happen ! Well done everyone -... Continue Reading →

Public speaking workshops (for architects)

WAS launched a series of public speaking workshops for architects over the next 2 weeks. Professional coaches can help you with speech structure, engaging the public, body language, and tackling nervousness.  There are 3 workshops, so you're welcome to attend on whichever date suits you best. Lunchtime, 1pm  30th November, 4th December, 7th December See... Continue Reading →

What it takes…

WAS has launched an Alumni Lecture series this year, free for students and recent graduates. We're excited to announce our first speaker, Angela Brady. I met Angela through my work at the Architectural Benevolent Society and she was lovely enough to let us take over her studio for the summer exhibition. She struck me as an... Continue Reading →

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