Studio 3 Degree Show

After a week of team work, Studio 3 is now ready to welcome you to see our work. Come see our degree show in the Reilly room at the School of Architecture, University of Liverpool! Open until graduation.  Facebook event:  

Whole School Project 2014

We won the Whole School Project! What a fun week it was. It was largely due to Jemima's baking genius and Fiona's template making, but I was around a bit, probably asking what the peppermint sweets are for. Anyway, we were crowned architectural bakers of the studio this year and is was a delicious victory. 

Re-building the Williamson Tunnels in Liverpool

The LAS and Article25 have been helping with the excavations in the Williamson tunnels, just a short walk from the department.  The Williamson Tunnels are a labyrinth of tunnels in Kensigton, Liverpool, (just on the edge closer to town, a short walk from the University Hospital), which were built under the direction of the eccentric businessman Joseph Williamson between... Continue Reading →

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