The launch of the Romanian Architects and Urbanists Forum

The Romanian Architects and Urbanists Forum (RAUF) was launched this Saturday at the RIBA. Two years ago, it was just a small group Ana Becheru invited for coffee at the RIBA. It's marvelous to see the initiative come to life. I'm hoping that the forum will encourage cooperation and a better sense of community between its... Continue Reading →

Romanian national day

The community celebrated the Romanian National Day on 1st December. We were glad to welcome the Mayor of Liverpool and other consuls and hope that the Liverpool Romanian diaspora had a welcomed taste of home.

A new year for RoSoc

With the start of the new academic year, RoSoc is now back ! Very happy that the initiative took off and looking forward to welcoming new members. Find us in the Welcome Fair!

Meeting of Romanian cultural representatives

I've been attending the meeting of Romanian cultural representatives in the UK on behalf of RoSoc and the Liverpool Romanian Community.  The meeting highlighted the challenges the community is facing at the moment with regards to media portrayal and discrimination incidents, especially in the South of England. The community has a series of upcoming events/interviews/media... Continue Reading →

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