12 Days of Architectural Artwork with ABS

The Architect Benevolent Society are having another online art auction for some wonderful pieces donated by architects and artists in support of the charity. Have a peek! http://absnet.org.uk/support-us/12-days-architectural-artwork  

What robots can do – Architectural Robotics Theater

We have been exploring ways to use the capabilities of Kuma, our larger robot hand that is mounted on a track.  We quickly decided on using the hot knife cutting tool as it seemed the one that offered the most possibilities for now. We have a large stock of blue foam perfect for this task,... Continue Reading →

Public speaking workshops (for architects)

WAS launched a series of public speaking workshops for architects over the next 2 weeks. Professional coaches can help you with speech structure, engaging the public, body language, and tackling nervousness.  There are 3 workshops, so you're welcome to attend on whichever date suits you best. Lunchtime, 1pm  30th November, 4th December, 7th December See... Continue Reading →

Heritage Legislation in Romania

The process of recognising architectural heritage or value is prescribed by detailed legislation.[1] In an interview with Stefania Romascanu, adviser at the Sibiu Department for the  Protection of Culture and Heritage, she described the consultation process as lengthy, often lasting years. If a request is received for a building to be granted the status of... Continue Reading →

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