Handbook, part 3: mass customisation

Moving on from my previous posts on leaded glass and Ben&Jerry,  I have been trying to recreate some of the products.  I had in mind experimenting with some of the qualities and engage with some of the manufacturing techniques (folding, extruding, and casting). Mass customization could be achieved by using molds (CNCed, 3dprinted, etc) that... Continue Reading →

AA XX 100 – Women in Architecture in Context 1917-2017

For the next 3 I'll be attending the AAxx100 conference! Thank you very much to the Society of Architectural Historians for awarding me their generous sponsorship. I look forward to hearing from an impressive variety of speakers on issues facing women in architecture and the profession as a whole. I'm also interested in seeing how... Continue Reading →

Launch of WAS alumni lecture series

What a wonderful start to the lecture series! Angela Brady was a perfect first speaker. Her enthusiasm and energy were greatly appreciated by the full(!) lecture room. As soon as she walked into the department, she started talking to students, to staff, being engaging and you could see the impact just by judging by everyone's... Continue Reading →

Handbook, Part 1: Ben&Jerry

We're looking at fabrication for the first part of the year and exploring different products. For the past week I have been looking into the manufacturing process, company ethos, and organisational policy of Ben & Jerry. This famous ice-cream producer hails from Vermont(US) and is now exporting their ice-cream through most of Europe. The UK... Continue Reading →

What it takes…

WAS has launched an Alumni Lecture series this year, free for students and recent graduates. We're excited to announce our first speaker, Angela Brady. I met Angela through my work at the Architectural Benevolent Society and she was lovely enough to let us take over her studio for the summer exhibition. She struck me as an... Continue Reading →

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