Grove House, Oxford

Grove House perspective .jpg

Perspective drawing of the house, walking up the winding driveway

Project at BGS Architects. The oval house, that would replace an old derelict pastiche Rotunda, aims to sit comfortably alongside a grade II listed Regency villa.

Once belonging to Vivian Greene, widow ad estranged wife of Graham Greene, the listed site is under intense scrutiny from many interested parties. It has been interesting and challenging to go through several pre-app consultations, a delisting process, appeals, public consultations, and more.

The existing Rotunda is a striking and unexpected presence that informed the new design. It is, however, a mock regency building, only completed in 1964, and it’s highly likely that the very low construction budget has affected the longevity of the structure. With no foundations for the columns supporting the upper floors, with widespread damp issues, damaged roof, imitation regency windows, and rusted cavity ties, the current building might be beyond saving.

The new house has a strong relationship with the historic garden and boasts impressive interior spaces that overlook it.

Images and content on this page were produced during my year in practice, prior to starting an MArch course, whilst working as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant at Berman Guedes Stretton Architects.

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