Performative Ceramics


A research project at the Liverpool School of Architecture. It focused on the design and fabrication of a prototype for a ceramic tile, daylight-diffusing ceiling for a museum.

The design is composed by a series of slipcast porcelain tube groups, shaped using a Voronoi grid system and having an undulating lower face. The tubes would be slip cast and cut to predefined lengths. The prototype was tested using Ecotect simulations, with relevant parameters (time of day, time of year, and location) and has been performing exceptionally.

Performative Ceramic is a research-led teaching project organised within the ECALAB (Environmental Ceramics in Architecture Laboratoy) at the Liverpool School of Architecture. This research focus  is part of the Network of Ceramic Tile Studies Departments sponsored by ASCER – Tile of Spain (Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers of Spain), and coordinated through the ICEX (The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) in the UK. The ceramic components were made in collaboration with Liverpool Hope University.

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