A proposed water research center on Obudai Island in Budapest seeks to become a progenitor for long term redevelopment of the city’s neglected brownfield zones.

Baltic Creative Station

Hand-drawn sectioned isometric view of the station, showing the different levels and functions. A context driven design informed by Kant’s transcendental idealism that combines the functionality of a train station with pleasant public areas and celebrated studio spaces. Site and Client The Baltic Triangle in Liverpool is dominated by the aesthetics of 1930’s brick warehouses.... Continue Reading →

Performative Ceramics

A research project at the Liverpool School of Architecture. It focused on the design and fabrication of a prototype for a ceramic tile, daylight-diffusing ceiling for a museum. The design is composed by a series of slipcast porcelain tube groups, shaped using a Voronoi grid system and having an undulating lower face. The tubes would be... Continue Reading →

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